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Kim C. Lane MAED


Professional Expertise in Education

With a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to education, I bring a deep passion for fostering learning and growth. My journey in education spans decades, and I hold a Level 2 Professional Educator License in the State of Utah.

Endorsements for Enhanced Education

I am proud to hold various endorsements, including the Utah Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) Endorsement, the Utah English as a Second Language Endorsement, and the Utah Gifted/Talented Endorsement. These endorsements reflect my dedication to providing a comprehensive and enriched learning experience.

Advanced Education

I earned a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a focus on diverse learners. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Ohio University, with a concentration in math and learning disabilities.

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Dedicated Professional Experience

My professional journey includes serving as a Neighborhood Extended Learning Program Teacher (NELP) and Science Specialist, where I identify and instruct gifted learners and collaborate with classroom teachers. I have a strong focus on gifted curriculum, higher-level thinking, and problem-solving skills. My experience extends to K-3 high-ability learners, and I actively engage in team teaching of Science concepts.

Educational Leadership

I have been actively involved in educational leadership, including presenting professional development sessions for educators on cooperative learning and higher-level thinking skills. My dedication to education extends to facilitating Science Fairs, organizing STEM Nights, and even coaching debate teams.

A History of Educational Excellence

Throughout my career, I have consistently sought to enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. My diverse teaching roles, leadership positions, and commitment to professional development reflect my unwavering dedication to fostering a love for learning and excellence in education.

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